MCG is a great place for anyone to take guitar or bass lessons. Lessons take place at our store with one of our qualified teachers. All skill levels are accommodated here. We can teach any persons first lesson or help an experienced or advanced guitar player get over the next challenge. Kids and adults welcome. Starting at $40 for one half hour lesson. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced level classes. We have 2 fully equipped lesson studios. Call for more information or scheduling.







Adam Johnson (Guitar/Bass)


Adam Johnson has been a performing, recording and touring guitarist for over 15 years, and studied at the Austin School of Music under the tutelage of Cid Sanchez for 4 years. Johnson has taught all ages and levels of guitar, from complete beginner to advanced soloing and theory. Specializing in Blues, Country, Rock and Pop genres. Adam plays in the following bands: Golden Dawn Arkestra, Cold Jackets and Silo Road.


Scott Blanco (Guitar/Bass)



Scott Blanco is an established guitar player in the great music city of Austin, Texas. He has studied multiple genres since the age of 12. When he first started learning the guitar, he took formal private lessons for 2 years with San Antonio local guitar player Robert Middleton. After studying the art of shredding metal and rock and roll, Scott ventured out to the blues in his high school years. 

In 2005, he went to a specialized high school in San Antonio called The North East School of the Arts, where he majored in instrumental music. Through that experience, he befriended a handful of musicians to where he was able to play shows and venues with other experienced players. He was able to establish how to play in a live improvisational setting, as well learning how to be a supportive guitar player.

In 2009-2014, Scott studied music and recording technology at The University of Texas at Austin. There he studied classical music, 3 years of music theory, and the arts and sciences of analog and digital recording technology and production. In that time, he played with a couple of touring country bands during the weekends around Texas.

Now, Scott is fully immersed in the local Austin music scene, playing in multiple bands and projects. Including his own 2 bands (Finite Fidelity and Scotty Bee and the Hive). He currently plays with the groups: Sisi, Don Denham and the Cut Offs, Brian Wolff and the Howlers, The Jordan Kahn Orchestra, and sits in with many others when called upon…

Whether it’s Rock and Roll, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Latin, Music Theory, the very basics to to learn a couple of songs, or get started on a fun musical journey, Scott can provide what you need at your own pace!

Martin Ramirez (Guitar): Martin comes from a family that loves music and he has been writing and recording his own music for ages. He is a talented guitar player and vocalist who can help a fellow guitar player reach their goals. Martin is capable, patient and knows how to create a fun environment to play guitar. All Martins playing and writing experience makes him a great teacher!


Tim Moen (Bass/Guitar): Tim is from Wisconsin! He has been active in the music scene in Austin for over 6 years. Incredibly talented bass player, musician and vocalist. Tim plays in several popular Austin bands including Brian Wolff Band, Finite Fidelity and many more. Anyone needing bass or guitar lessons would be lucky to have Tim. He played bass and piano before playing guitar. If you want to learn bass, a professional bass player and teacher Tim Moen is the best person for the job. There are a lot of guitar-only players teaching bass lessons, that's not the case here!


Joel Marin (Guitar):

Is a Austin born and raised Guitar player, he has been playing Guitar since 13. Joel started out by teaching himself how to play guitar by watching YouTube videos and taking some online course for the fundamentals of Music Theory. He then went to Texas State and studied Music Theory, while there he was involved in various projects with multiple genres. Bedroom pop, Indie Rock, Math/Progressive Rock, Punk Rock and Hip Hop. During these projects this is when Joel fell in love with Math/Progressive Rock so if you want to learn some odd time signature, odd tunings and guitar tapping riffs Joel is your guy!

Joel is now working on a full album with his current band Just Buddies and working on some solo project stuff as well. So if you want to learn anything ranging from Covers, Jazz, Punk, Blues, Music Theory or just have a nice Jam session. Schedule a lesson with Joel!