We offer guitar repair, set-ups, pick-up swaps etc. Bring your guitar by anytime for us to look at and check in for repair. In house guitar repair is an hourly rate of $90 per hour. Call with any questions. You may bring your guitar in and ask questions and we will be happy to help.

We also service amps and pedals. Drop off your equipment that needs repair here. We focus on vintage and modern tube amps plus effects pedals. Amp labor is a hourly rate of $90 per hour, you are only charged for the time spent on your amp or the minimum bench fee is $35. The rate for pedal repair is $60 per hour. Call for more information.

We have experienced guitar and amp techs! Bring in a guitar or amp during store hours for us to look at or check in for repair. Billy Broome services the amps at MCG. He does the repairs we check in for customers and the store stock repairs. He is a popular and talented musician who has been employed by A.I.S.D for years for servicing amps and equipment. Tony Nobles does guitar repairs at MCG. That says it all right there. He has several years of experience building and repairing guitars along with an outstanding reputation. 

 We are here to help with your guitar and amp needs. Call or come in and ask us questions.